Optimal hulls for each and every journey

Our continuous robotic hull cleaning service reduces fuel consumption, increases performance and minimises environmental impact.

01 Save Fuel

Frequent cleaning saves fuel

Cleaning early and often reduces drag and decreases daily fuel costs.

Fouling Time

Infrequent Cleaning

Cleaning irregularly is intensive and has diminishing returns very quickly. With heavy fouling, each clean is less effective at returning the hull to its original condition.

Semi-Frequent Cleaning

Cleaning every few months still allows heavy slime to build up, which increases drag and fuel consumption in between cleans.

Frequent Cleaning

Cleaning early and often prevents any meaningful fouling before it occurs, and limits hull build-up and excess drag to nominal levels.

02 Increased Performance

Frequent cleaning increases performance

Increased Speed

Frequent cleaning keeps hulls in optimal conditions daily, enabling higher speeds for racing vessels.

Increased Range

Reduced slime and fouling increases the trip range on electric powered vessels.

Increased Fuel Savings

Frequent cleaning can significantly reduce the emissions and increase the fuel savings of large fleets.

03 Reduced Impact

Frequent cleaning is good for the planet

Carbon Emissions


Biofouling on hulls causes increased fuel usage which accounts for 1% of current global emissions. With frequent hull-cleaning, this can be prevented from day one.

Toxic Antifouling


At least 55,000 tonnes of microplastics are released from ship and yacht coatings each year. Proactive cleaning eliminates the need for toxic antifouling paint.

Invasive Species


Nearly 80% of invasive marine species transfer is caused by biofouling on hulls. By keeping hulls perpetually clean, we’re protecting life in the ocean.

We’re putting hull cleaning on autopilot

Our Technology

Small, portable system

A single system weighs 12kg, and can clean multiple hulls per day.

Cleans props and shafts

Our robots can clean in niche areas, including bow thrusters, rudders and propellers

Suitable for all coatings

Cleaning speeds, pressures and brushes can be adjusted for all types of vessel coatings.

Unattended deployment

Mount the pod on or near the vessel for unattended operation over months.

Cleans day or night

Our robots clean anywhere, anytime — even overnight — and are low-cost to deploy, minimising disruption to your fleet.

Remotely monitored

Automated cleaning is supervised by our team remotely over the internet.

Ready to save fuel with robotic hull cleaning?

We’ll provide an onsite assessment and a report on what frequent hull cleaning can do for your fleet.

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