Underwater drones have the power to overcome many of the ocean’s environmental challenges.

Harm-free Anti-fouling

Traditional anti-fouling paint is expensive and inconvenient, much of which ends up in the environment. Our technology keeps boats and infrastructure clean and free from slime all year round with zero chemicals.

A abstract close-up of blue, black and white paint-like substances mixing together.


Regular cleaning reduces the transferral of invasive species which can destabilise marine ecosystems. Our robots collect data from marine surfaces to identify the coverage and species of fouling.

Two small orange fish swim past a flat, wavy coral with a ribbed structure.

Carbon Reduction

Keeping hulls clean saves fuel and reduces carbon emissions. Antifouling paints are ineffective and boats can use up to 15% more fuel after only a week of slime growing on the hull.

A white, overexposed sky, framed along the bottom by clouds tinted blue by a haze.

We’re working with the world’s leading research organisations and investors who share in our mission.