Hullbot cleans your yacht daily,
keeping the hull in perfect condition.

Hullbot is an autonomous robotic hull cleaning system ideally suited to private yachts.




Hullbot keeps your yacht free from fouling at all times for a spotless boat and maximum performance.


Hullbot is more affordable than the average cost of lifting, cleaning and re-painting a 50’ sailing yacht in Sydney.



Hullbot operates autonomously without human supervision. Keep your boat in the water and enjoy a perfect hull.

About us


We are an Australian startup that has developed a robotic in-water hull cleaning system. We think that stopping the growth of marine organisms on the hulls of boats is a problem worth solving. The explosion of new technology coming out of the drone, autonomous vehicles and consumer robotics industries make right now the perfect time to bring Hullbot to market.


We are seeking early adopters, partners and investment.

For an information memorandum or more information please get in touch.

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