Private hull cleaning

Our private hull cleaning program is for boat owners in Sydney who want to be among the first to experience our technology.

Biofouling is a big deal

Boats can use up to 15% more fuel after only a week of slime growing on the hull. By keeping your hull clean you can not only improve on efficiency but also improve the life expectancy of your antifouling.

  • 100% clean hull, always
  • < 1% biofouling
  • 55% fuel saved and less emissions
An extreme closeup of microfauna growing on the hull of a boat.

Smart cleaning for smooth sailing

Launched in 2021 our pilot program services yachts in Sydney Harbour. Our platform and operations team complete fortnightly cleans with regular reports aiming to proactively keep hulls clean and healthy.

  • Over 60 unique hulls cleaned and inspected
  • Over 800 missions completed
A Hullbot attached to the bottom of a boat's hull, surrounded by vibrant blue water. The reflection of the ocean's surface visible at the top of the frame.

Really know your boat

Our pilot program also includes detailed inspections and in depth reports compiled by us to keep you informed on the health of your hull.

  • Proactive cleaning
  • Invasive species identification
  • Hull damage reporting

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Be one of the first to experience our hull cleaning technology, including cleaning of your hull, inspection, 3D mapping and monthly reports of your hull condition.

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